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Just in case you were wondering…


…about what cats do all day…


The Saga of 16: Q The Eldest


Last time, I told you about Maurice, the cat who started it all.  Trust me, there have been several other cats—and dogs, too—who were part of the journey, but for the moment I’m going to concentrate on the cast presently in residence.  And because it’s polite to start with the oldest first, allow me to introduce you to Q.

You can see him in the header photo as well as the background wallpaper, and both views represent him perfectly: sleeping like an angel on whatever happens to be handy, and exercising his curiosity.  Looking at him now (well, the photos are both vintage January 2005, but he hasn’t changed all that much, so it’s almost the same!) as a 20- to 22-pound behemoth, would you believe he was ever an underweight two-month-old?

Me, neither.  But he was.

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The Saga of 16: The First Step


I don’t think anyone really sets out to have 16 cats all at once.  Well, some people might, but I didn’t.

It isn’t as if I sat down one day and made a step-by-step plan: “Start small; adopt one stray.  …  By age X, adopt the sixth…” and so on, so that by now, I’d have the lot.  Oh, no, it wasn’t like that at all.

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