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Sometimes People…Irritate Me


I’m not perfect. I’m the first one to admit it. And much as I would like to be, I’m not always sure I’m doing the right thing for the cats. But I just spent what felt like half an hour (realistically, 15 minutes minimum but may have been longer) standing outside at the fence separating my yard from the one belonging to the people behind me…because they had one of their dogs chained to the fence.

It’s not freezing here, but it’s a little dog with a short coat, and he was shivering. He had about two feet of chain, meaning he couldn’t really lie down comfortably. He had no food, no water, and no place to pee or poop, had he needed to, that he wouldn’t have been forced to lie in it afterward.

I finally called out, “Your dog’s SHIVERING out here!” And someone came out, and I’m afraid I got slightly medieval on his ass, verbally. The someone said something about somebody else’s dog inside, so I suggested that if they really felt the need to chain their own dog up outside, that they at least do it on their patio where he’d be under cover and had more room to move.

I don’t like confrontation–I’m still a little shaky, to be honest–and to their credit they’ve NEVER done this before–but I’m hoping that now, they’ll never do it again. Which means I get to go back to worrying about whether I’m doing the right thing for my cats.

Edited at 4:20 PST to add: And it’s just started to rain. I’m glad I said something.

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