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Wrapping Instructions


Once upon a time, when Mom and I were at a party (grown-ups in the den, kids elsewhere), I happened to pass through said den. And on the coffee table there was an album cover. As in a vinyl LP album cover. (Yeah, yeah, the tech equivalent of the Dark Ages. Stuff it. :p) The album cover featured a busty young lady wearing a length of red ribbon, perhaps three or four inches wide, across her busty-ness…and not much else, and the title of the album was, “I Know What He Wants for Christmas…but I Don’t Know How to Wrap It!”

I was pretty much “invited” to depart the room post-haste.

Yes, I still remember the occurrence. I didn’t see that kind of thing at my house, of COURSE it made an impression on my impressionable young mind!

However, the following video has absolutely nothing to do with that album, but does answer a different yet equally burning question: How do you wrap a cat?

Like this.

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