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One More Plea for My Kitties


Edited 01/31/12: Jules and Scooter have been adopted–hurrah that they’ve found loving new homes! Even if it means I won’t see them again. Bastet (ID A300990), Damon (ID A301148) and Shadow (ID A300988) are still in need of new homes, though, so please keep spreading the word.

It breaks my heart to report that Runyon, Patch and Blaze were all put down between my visit on Sunday and the time I arrived at the shelter today (it was closed yesterday). Runyon, who had been fine every time I saw him, apparently went ballistic when they took him out of his cage for a med check–got loose, needed a net to catch him, the whole nine yards. Since it was the vet who recommended he be put down, I guess my boy didn’t have a chance. And Patch and Blaze never calmed down enough to be moved out of the feral cat ward–but then again, when I visited on Sunday, the gal I spoke to about them didn’t say there was any kind of note on their files that they were in danger.

My poor babies.


Well, I had no takers for private adoptions of any of my last 8 cats in need of new homes…so I had to take them to the Pasadena Humane Society/SPCA. As of today, all are still available, but two of the girls, Patch and Blaze, are still so scared by the transition that they’re being kept in the feral cat ward.

This is not where I want them to be, if for no other reason than they’ll miss out on being adopted. Worse is that if they don’t calm down enough to join the general population, they may be put down as unadoptable. They are NOT feral–just scared witless, poor little things. According to the gal I spoke to at the admin desk, they will be reevaluated tomorrow; I’m going to visit again and, if they haven’t been put in the general pop, I’m going to try to talk my way into the feral ward to see if I can calm them down.

In the meantime, they’re all listed on the PHS website, so if you’re local to SoCal (or have friends/family who are) and can make a new home for any of my darlings, please visit the Pasadena Humane Society site and click on the heading to see all the adoptable animals. You can then either view all the cats, or search by ID number for:

ID A300990, Bastet
ID A300988, Shadow
ID A300987, Scooter
ID A300986, Jules
ID A301151, Runyon
ID A301150, Blaze
ID A301149, Patch
ID A301148, Damon

You (or your friends) can then contact the shelter and let them know which kitty/kitties you’d like to adopt. If they could possibly be adopted in pairs, best bets would be Bastet/Scooter, Jules/Shadow, Damon/Runyon and Patch/Blaze.

Again, please forward to those people you’d like to live with if you were a pet!

Previous posts on my kittehs–you can find photos and bios on both blog posts, as well as the reason I’ve had to do this:


Good Homes, Please?


If you’d like a little background as to why I’m having to find new homes for some of my cats, please check out the previous post.  For now, here are their photos and bios–two have found their new place, so that leaves 8 in need of homes, and the sooner the better.  All are spayed/neutered but behind on their shots, and Damon and Runyon need special food, but other than that, everyone is ready for re-homing.  Please forward to your friends, especially friends you’d like to live with if you were a pet.  🙂

Edited to add: if you’re interested in adopting any of my sweeties, please leave your email in a comment–they’re moderated, so I’ll pull your contact info and delete the comment rather than make it public.

Edited again to add: It’s been pointed out to me that I don’t have location info!  I’m in SoCal, LA County more specifically, so if you’re in the same general area and interested in adopting one (or more) of my critters, please drop me a comment!

Re-Homing (updated)


UPDATED 12/23/11:

After another reprieve (I swear, things went wrong in every way they could–and in a few I didn’t think were possible), I moved out on 12/19/11…and a couple of days later, Waffle and Stimpy went to their new home.  But the other darlings still need to be placed by the end of the year, so please continue to forward this to people you’d like to live with if you were a pet.  🙂

UPDATED 12/13/11:

Well, I got a reprieve, and then today I got another one: my new, final move-out is Friday, December 16 at 10:00 AM.  This is doable from a packing-and-storage standpoint.  I also have a solution for the cat situation, but it is very, very much a short-term solution and the re-homing of my cats shown in the original post still has to happen.  And the sooner the better.  So, if you were sent here by someone who knows me either personally or via a website I frequent, please give me the name/web identity of that person.  If you were directed here by a forwarded message, be aware that I’m in Southern California, so please take the distance factor into account.

I’m not asking a re-homing fee for myself, but I am asking potential adopters to be willing to make a donation to an animal rescue organization, and to bring that proof on our first meeting.  If you were adopting from a shelter or rescue organization, there’d be a fee involved as well, so this seems a reasonable compromise.  Any questions, please leave a comment; they’re moderated, so if you want an email back, you can leave that address in the comment and I will not publish it.

Thank you for reading.  Now I invite you to scroll down and meet my sweethearts.


Original post, 12/10/11:

I never thought it would come to this.  I thought somehow, someway, there’d be an answer that didn’t involve losing most of my cats.  But the lottery win hasn’t materialized, nor the Great Job (or enough freelance work to take the place of the Great Job).  So here I am, losing my house, a move-out date of Monday, December 12…and nowhere to keep the cats.  Hell, I don’t even know where I’m going to be sleeping on Monday night; pretty much every ad I’ve checked into for a rental has turned out to be some kind of scam.

But my cats.  My…yes, I’ll say it: my babies.  It fits for some of them, anyway, since I held them when they were newborns, bottle-fed the litter that was Momcat Phantom’s last.  Of the ones who came to me when they were older, well, I may just be the only home they’ve ever known.

No more.

I’ve been so stressed, so depressed about the very prospect of losing them, that I’ve left myself almost no choices, and next to no time.  And so, on the recommendation of a couple of different friends, I’m posting their photos and bios in the hope of a ta-da! nick of time miracle for them: safe loving homes with other people, by Monday.  With people who maybe won’t mind if I visit now and then.  🙂

So…photos and bios follow.  Be aware that, desperate as I am, this is not a give-the-cats-to-just-anybody post.  Comments are moderated, so if you give me the name of the person who sent you to this blog, I’ll know you’re on the up-and-up; that person should also have let you know my location, so you aren’t getting your hopes up about a cat who’s on the other side of the country.  And please provide your email address so I can contact you.  Again, comments are moderated, and I will NOT post comments containing private contact info.

Now, I’m not asking for money for any of the cats, but on the other hand, I’ve heard stories that pets who come without price tags wind up in very bad situations sometimes.  Instead of asking for money (for how could I sell my children, or the closest thing I’m likely to have), please be ready to provide proof of a donation of $35 or more to a no-kill shelter or animal rescue organization.

FYI, all the cats have been spayed/neutered, but due to money troubles, they’re behind on their shots and flea treatments.  And they’ve all been indoor cats since I adopted them.

I love them all very much, and doing this is about the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m even inclined to ask if I can keep in touch with those who adopt my critters, in case that lottery win materializes down the road and I once again have a place where I can have all my cats.  But for now, I’ll settle for that little miracle.

Thanks for reading.

Sometimes People…Irritate Me


I’m not perfect. I’m the first one to admit it. And much as I would like to be, I’m not always sure I’m doing the right thing for the cats. But I just spent what felt like half an hour (realistically, 15 minutes minimum but may have been longer) standing outside at the fence separating my yard from the one belonging to the people behind me…because they had one of their dogs chained to the fence.

It’s not freezing here, but it’s a little dog with a short coat, and he was shivering. He had about two feet of chain, meaning he couldn’t really lie down comfortably. He had no food, no water, and no place to pee or poop, had he needed to, that he wouldn’t have been forced to lie in it afterward.

I finally called out, “Your dog’s SHIVERING out here!” And someone came out, and I’m afraid I got slightly medieval on his ass, verbally. The someone said something about somebody else’s dog inside, so I suggested that if they really felt the need to chain their own dog up outside, that they at least do it on their patio where he’d be under cover and had more room to move.

I don’t like confrontation–I’m still a little shaky, to be honest–and to their credit they’ve NEVER done this before–but I’m hoping that now, they’ll never do it again. Which means I get to go back to worrying about whether I’m doing the right thing for my cats.

Edited at 4:20 PST to add: And it’s just started to rain. I’m glad I said something.

The Too-Fat Cat

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A friend used to tell me that I grew bigger cats than anyone he’d ever met. Not necessarily bigger in the sense of “fatter” (although that has come into play more than once), but in the sense of “large from nose to tail”. Q he referred to as “The Viking Longcat” because, when reposing in full extension, Q looks to be about four feet long. Considering he had liver-function issues when I found him, I take his size as a testament to the benefits of good care. Of course, since he also spent several years weighing in at 22 pounds, “big” is an appropriate descriptor in several ways. And others of the kittehs are big in either the body length or rotundity sense. Or possibly both.

But the prize winner for the weight aspect has to be Poppet. And I’m not saying that’s a good thing.
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Wrapping Instructions


Once upon a time, when Mom and I were at a party (grown-ups in the den, kids elsewhere), I happened to pass through said den. And on the coffee table there was an album cover. As in a vinyl LP album cover. (Yeah, yeah, the tech equivalent of the Dark Ages. Stuff it. :p) The album cover featured a busty young lady wearing a length of red ribbon, perhaps three or four inches wide, across her busty-ness…and not much else, and the title of the album was, “I Know What He Wants for Christmas…but I Don’t Know How to Wrap It!”

I was pretty much “invited” to depart the room post-haste.

Yes, I still remember the occurrence. I didn’t see that kind of thing at my house, of COURSE it made an impression on my impressionable young mind!

However, the following video has absolutely nothing to do with that album, but does answer a different yet equally burning question: How do you wrap a cat?

Like this.

Ever So Talented


Hmmm…looks like a good candidate. I’ll have to recommend this one to myself:

Editor Kitty